2006 Haunt

Our 2006 haunt was more of just a party than a haunt. It was done in a span of about 2 to 3 weeks, and included a lot of pre-fab, kinda cheesey decorations. We hadn’t realized how much work we would want to put into it, until we’d already started, and by then, it was pretty much too late. But, despite the fact that only five people showed up for the party, this was the kick off of our thirst for a bigger and better Halloween!
Also, these pics don’t really show the feel of the place. It was all very dark with black lights and red lights in all the light sockets. It actually was spooky. But, the flash on the camera kinda took all that spookiness out of it. And, the sound effects that were going all over the house made it really creepy too.