Well, the 2007 haunt is finished and so is the party!

We have had a wonderful Halloween! We worked ourselves silly, especially the last two weeks before the party, but we actually managed to get it all finished in time. I was originally hoping that we’d be able to do a party for the kids of our neighborhood down at our little community building on our street. But unfortunately, I don’t think I gave the parents enough notice, and most of them were unable to help with that party. I would have gone ahead and done it by myself, since there were more than 10 kids who were looking forward to coming, but since it seemed that it might end up being a real possibility that I’d be left alone with 10 to 12 kids between the ages of 3 and 11, most of whom don’t speak any English at all… I decided that it would be better to cancel it and try again next year, giving the parents plenty of notice then. :)

Since we knew the kids would be disappointed, especially after passing our very obviously haunted house every day as they walk down the street, we decided to let the neighborhood do a walk through of the house on Friday night. This worked out perfectly because the children had all come from a Halloween party at school, just before, so they were all dressed up and we got to see all their wonderful costumes! I took pictures of a few of them, but since I don’t have their parents’ permission, I won’t be posting those pictures here.

The walkthrough was a great success. We had quite a few people walk through the house. I should have counted how many, but I didn’t. We were scrambling so much before the walk through that we actually had to open the door and ask them to give us a few minutes before we could let them in! LOL So, it was really straight down to the wire that we were working. Unfortunately, this meant that I didn’t have time to put on a costume to lead everybody through the house with. That would have added a LOT to it, in my opinion, but there just wasn’t time.

Check out the pics from the Haunt and the Party! :)