It has taken me an entire year to get this page up! So sorry everybody!! I remember trying to do it last year, but I had some problems with rollover errors in Dreamweaver, and since I couldn’t find a solution for the problem last year, I gave up in frustration. I have now found a work around, so I’m going to post all the pics I have from the 2008 haunt and party.

Unfortunately, I don’t have many pics because I had invited somebody who is a professional photographer to come to the party, and asked him to take some pics, and when he was unable to make it to the party, it slipped my mind entirely that I needed to take my own pictures! Duh! :P So, I’m just going to post the ones I have, which are not all mine, btw, and hope you enjoy them. :)

I only have a few pics of the haunt, and a bunch from the party. Enjoy!