2008 Haunt

Here are some pictures of the decor that I took. Not many, but what can ya do? :)


For those of you who weren’t able to see it in person, I want to tell you about that last pic, which is our “Tricker Tree”. This tree had 4 holes in it and it had a distinct buzzing and slithering sound about it. Every Trick Or Treat-er would have to first go all the way through the haunted house, and then would have to face the Tricker Tree. Their task was to stick their hand into each hole until their found their treat. Three of the holes contained slimy things or icky rubbery things, one contained their treat. However, it didn’t end there. Whenever they would stick their hand into a hole, the sound of the buzzing and slithering would become loud and aggitated to the extreme, making them all inevitably jump backwards and not trust the tree. This was a great delight to me this year. LOL My favorite prop, I think!

You can check out the pics from the party here!