Halloween 2009 has now come to an end. It has been a great season this year! We’ve thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Normally we open the haunt to the people of our neighborhood three days of the week before Halloween so that they can enjoy the experience of being scared half to death. Unfortunately, this year we over estimated the amount of things we had left to do and we were nowhere near ready to start the haunt on the day we intended to, which was Monday. We worked our butts off and we were so stressed by the middle of the day on Monday we decided we’d just cancel the tours for that day and only do two days this year. It was quite a bummer for us to have to cancel, but it really did end up being better. We were able to get all the things we wanted to do done and done well so everything was in great shape for Wednesday’s haunt tours.

I didn’t think to count the number of people who went through the tour on Wednesday, but by guestimate, I’d say it was somewhere around a hundred. On Friday, we did count and it was 77 people who went through. The very first tour didn’t go very well, but by the second or third try, G and I got our routines down pat and were able to successfully scare most of the neighborhood many times.

Everybody seemed very impressed with Cruella, our floating head that appeared in the dungeon child’s room. She was pretty scary, talking about how her toys were laughing at her and such amid the other sounds of babies crying and children’s indistinct chatter and singing. We also received a lot of positive comments about the impressive pipe organ that G made, which of course had its own music as well. The freezer room was ok, but the dropper that I had set in the doorway of the bedroom seemed to really do the trick, particularly when I added my own earpiercing scream to it whenever it fell. Most people really jumped. The dropper I had on the porch didn’t work quite as well for the scares, (especially not when it was almost pitch black out there on Friday night due to a blown fuse) but it did scare a few people, so I was mostly pleased with it.

Friday’s haunt was actually a lot more fun to do than Wednesday’s, because we had our friends Daniel and Patrick here who helped with the scares. It made the whole haunt an entirely different experience. It was great fun.

Here are the pictures we have of the haunt and the party! Enjoy!