2009 Party


At first I tried to have everybody play a game called RATS! It’s a card game that in the states goes really fast and is really cut throat. The object is that the first person to get a four of a kind grabs a rat which signals everybody else to grab a rat as fast as they can. There’s one rat short of the number of players, and the one who misses getting a rat gets knocked out of the game. It’s usually fun, however, when we tried to play it, it ended up being a bit of a snore fest, so we cut it short! LOL

Instead we went on to our next game, which was a LOT more fun. We split the party into teams and gave each team a bag full of junk and gave them 20 minutes to make the scariest, coolest monster they could. These pictures are of the hilarious action!


And the winner was:

The monster affectionately titled Dick:



TONS more pics to go, if you’re interested! 

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