The 2011 party has just ended, but I felt that even though I don’t have many pictures from the 2010 party, it would not due to have nothing up from 2010 at all! I certainly can’t justify putting up 2011′s pictures without first putting up 2010′s, now can I? That wouldn’t be right, so, here are the few pics I have from 2010′s haunt. Unfortunately, there aren’t many. I’m not sure why we don’t have more of the decor, but during the party my camera stopped working and I think everybody else was more interested in acquiring toe tags than taking pictures. LOL We did have a professional photographer come by the day after the party to take a ton of pictures of the decor, but the cd she sent us didn’t work and neither does any of the contact info we have for her anymore, so looks like this is all we got!

You can see the haunt pics here and the party pics here.