The zombies have attacked the Shadow Lair Manor this year, and we have just barely managed to survive the onslaught! 

We had a great turn out for the haunt this year, even though we were only able have it open to the neighborhood for two nights rather than our usual three. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we weren’t able to open the haunt on Monday, but we did scare the bajeepers out of our neighbors on both Wednesday and Friday nights. We also opened our doors on Thursday for “lights on” tours for little kids who were too scared to go through the regular haunt. 

On Wednesday evening, our wonderful friend Desiree came over to help us with the haunt, and thanks to her it was a complete success! We had 40 people go through the haunt, and Desiree played the part of a zombie so perfectly that she was actually responsible for making a grown woman pee her pants! How great is that?? LOL! 

Thursday morning the local kindergarten brought a class of 30 kids through the house to look at all the decorations with the lights on and later that evening 80 more guests came through for the lights on, and even with no fog or scary sounds or lighting effects, we still couldn’t convince all of the little ones to make it past the first floor. But the parents still seemed to enjoy it.

Friday evening we had another 90 go through the haunt. Unfortunately, Desiree was unable to join us, but we had a lovely girl from our neighborhood, Maja, come and help us with the haunt, and we are so glad she did! Without a third person to help with the scaring, we realized the experience wouldn’t have been anywhere near as scary as we were able to make it thanks to these wonderful girls! Maja was quite scary herself as well. She had an excellent grasp of creepy! She was great!

Though a lot of people who had hoped to come to the party ended up not being able to make it, we still had a pretty great turn out of really fun people. Due to an unfortunate printer-ink issue, the games I had planned didn’t exactly go off as planned, but nobody seemed to notice much, which was great! LOL We had some great costumes, and a LOT of fun at the party. 

You can check out the pics of the Haunt here and the party here! You can click on the thumbnails for larger pictures and right-click and save any of the images you want to keep for yourselves. Enjoy!