2012: End of the world; Nightmares Arise!

The Mayan calendar predicted that the world would end this year, and I was really inspired by the idea of nightmares for the theme of the house, so we combined the two ideas this year and had a great haunt!

We only opened the house on Wednesday and Friday this year because we were running a bit behind schedule due to my obsession with the Grim Reaper (Affectionately named Croak) that was to be in the front window.

The first night I put him out the window, it rained and the scythe melted! I had used a sealer that I bought last year which the people at the store had assured me would still work fine this year, but unfortunately, that was not the case. So, because I had to bring him back in and work some pretty fast thinking repairs on the scythe, we ended up losing quite a bit of time for other preparations.

Still, we had a pretty good turn out for the haunt. We had a total of 260 people go through the haunt this year!

On Wednesday, our friend Maja came and helped us scare the neighbors, which was great fun. She’s a natural at being totally spooky! :) On Thursday we had our neighbor Oscar’s kindergarten class come through in the morning to look at everything without any of the spooky sounds and lights. Unfortunately, though we did our best, we still haven’t been able to convince either Oscar or his brother Max to go through the haunt, but hopefully some day they’ll be able to come in and enjoy the fun! :) We also had a “lights on” tour in the evening on Thursday for all the neighbors who had small kids who wanted to come through without being scared. We had 75 people come through that night, which was great!

Friday was also a big night, we had 95 people go through the haunt. G and I did our best to scare them, but we sure missed having Maja there that night to help!

The party on Saturday was great! We really missed having our friends Daniel and Patrik there, who have been to every Halloween party so far, but were unable to come this year as well as the others who had hoped to come but were unable to do so! The party was still a blast, but we definitely noticed the absences of our dear friends this year!

We played a version of the “Toe Tag Game” that we played at the party in 2010, but this time it was with numbered dreamcatchers so people could catch the nightmares! The object of the game was to get as many dreamcatchers as you could before the end of the evening when we did the drawing, and get them by any means necessary. This year I also put nightmare tasks on the backs of the cards which gave instructions for people to do something bizarre things in order to earn dreamcatchers from other people. This ended up being hilarious!

So, all in all, it was another great Halloween year! If you’d like to see some pics, you’ll find Decor Pics here, and Party Pics Here! Enjoy!