2012 Haunt

Unfortunately, G and I didn’t have time this year to go around and take pictures of everything as we wanted to, so just about all of these pictures were taken by our guests this year. Thank you so much for sending them our way so we could share them with everybody!

As of yet, I haven’t received any pictures of our broken Mayan Calendar display or the moving wall we had this year. Though there wasn’t really much to take a picture of with the moving wall. It just looked like a wall. lol But just to let those who were unable to attend the haunt or party know, when you first came in the door the room to the right was set up as an ancient tomb type setting with the skeletons of those who had tried to guard the Mayan Calendar scattered in the dust of the broken calendar that was on the pedestal behind it. 

From there, a wall would guide visitors into the nightmare of a bedroom where things were topsy-turvy, and you would round a corner into another nightmare where the inhabitants tried desperately to free themselves from the confining bars of their misery… The moving wall moved from one side of the doorway to the other, effectively cutting off retreat once you were in the room and opening up the rest of the haunt once you rounded the corner. This added a brand new depth to our haunt.


If you’d like to see PICS FROM THE PARTY, CLICK HERE!